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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

He was very gettable for a lot of the last few years. No one could have predicted he would be this good, and maybe he doesn’t become this good without the situation we have right now….Having said that, I always thought that the failure of the Don-Rudy Jazz was not actually Don-Rudy and the team (and coach) around them.

I highly valued the situation where we had two stars because it meant we were just a couple really good moves away. Yeah it’s difficult to hit a home run with limited resources, but if you do it’s like hitting a grand slam with two other stars in the fold. And Lauri wasn’t the only chance at this. If we hit on Bane or even McDaniels, for example, things could have went a lot differently. These are hard moves to execute….but winning is always hard no matter how many assets you have.

I think we’re in a good spot and did as well as we could have with the trades. We hit the home run with Lauri and it still matters a lot even though though there’s not the same supporting cast and it really screwed the tanking plans. But it’s just fun to wonder what could have happened.

If the Jazz didn’t want to put future assets on the table (except to save Ryan cash apparently) fine. But it’s still inexcusable IMO that they didn’t even try to shuffle the pieces around. We knew the roster was highly flawed and also that Quin was not capable of advancing this team far into the playoffs. By not making moves they essentially just wasted the Don-Rudy era and also cut it short if we’re being honest.

Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but I think I was in favor of trading for Lauri just because he was younger and because he was different. Keeping the roster was certain failure, so you might as well get a youngish guy who has some potential to grow but is also better to have anyways if you have to blow it up.

Having two stars is such a good position. You shuffle the pieces around, get a little younger, get a different coach, hit on a draft pick, use an MLE on someone who you don’t immediately have to salary dump etc. Voila you’re a real contender if you weren’t already.

It’s also a little scary to think about what other things could have happened with the ruins. I think the two most rumored trades were Don to NYK for an RJ Barrett centered package and for Rudy…I guess the CHI deal with Patrick Williams as the centerpiece? Fate was not with us at the end of the Don-Rudy era but we had it on their way out. I would feel a lot less content with the rebuild if we had RJ Barrett and Patrick Williams instead of Lauri and Walker Kessler, but most would thing you’re crazy if said that before the season.

Just some 1:30 AM thoughts lol.
I legit worry about you getting carpal tunnel man.
Pretty corny but I actually kind of like it. I think players should be having fun and smiling as much as possible. I know I would be if I was making millions for playing basketball. Couldn't get me to stop smiling
Fish would be an elite NBA locker room guy... Niang X 100. He'd end up with a Haslemesque end of career... 10 years as a player coach.