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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

I don't even think he's worth half of that but if the Rockets want to pay it and lose. Go ahead I guess

This is where you force Austin to make a decision before the Kyrie thing is settled. lakers really can’t offer Kyrie something competitive unless he risks hitting FA next year again. I think they can carve like 25ish million. Unless the mavs wanna play nice and do a sign and trade.

Either way… if they actually think they can get Kyrie as soon as you offer Reaves a deal then his caphold jumps and they have to pick. Throw 100M in front of him and tell him now or never. Then it’s Ky or Austin.
The Lakers pursuit of Kyrie and wanting cap space always made me laugh because it’s actually better for them to have Conleys deal to do a sign and trade instead. You could throw Conley, Vando, and a pick at Dallas. Now you need to hope they want Russell on like a minimum 3 year deal (for sign and trades it has to be 2-3)… good luck with that.