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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section


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All is can tell you is the Bulls looked great with him and dog **** without him and no one else on their roster has had that net difference of impact.

That’s hard to argue as each hasn’t had an injury and been replaced by Ball to see what the outcome will be

Sure they miss him , but best player is a long stretch


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Looks to be an error as the actual injury report lists him out, but ESPN lists Lonzo Ball as questionable for tonight's game against Minnesota. Makes it feel like Thibs is still coaching there


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Apparently Ball is gonna have a cartilage transplant in his knee. That means the "new" cartilage will be coming from a cadaver.

So don't be surprised when we hear that Rudy Gay will miss the rest of the season after a "minor knee prodecure".
Yeah also read about this fairly new and experimental procedure.. Dr. Gökhan Meric, a leading expert of the area says that 80% return to the same level but he failed to detail that the study that statement is based on has 4 cases of professional basketball players undergoing the procedure.

I found two of those 4, and likely the only NBA examples:

Jordan Adams in 2016, never played in NBA since, does play as a professional in Europe

Festus Ezeli in 2017, never played in NBA but did play in G League
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