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Its Time to Tank

Coach Ellis

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Exactly. Trade the vets and get pieces that might gel with lauri and kessler and build chemistry now.
Might as well find stuff out now. It would be awesome to make the playoff with sexton as the starting poing guard, Ochai getting 25 minutes per night, and Lauri and Kessler both starting and playing big minutes. Then we can see what they can do in that situation. Keeping the vets just shows us what they can do. Which we have already seen.
As for point guard, that is literally the deepest position on the team. Which is another reason to trade conley.
Fish, I love this take and agree completely. I won’t be torn up if we don’t find reasonable to good trades for Conley, JC and Vando and they’re all back next season - but we really should be trying to maximize our time in assets acquisition mode of this rebuild and making good trades with as many vets as possible is the best path forward. If that comes with winning, great. If not, then we have the opportunity to draft in the lottery in (what looks to be) a strong draft this off-season.


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It might be time to revisit this notion…

We just don’t have enough with the roster currently constructed.


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Yes we will not tank on purpose unless DA trade 2 or 3 players in the coming days. But we are bad enough ( with a bit of management ) to go for 5-22 on the last 27 games. Which will put us in position to get some great players at the draft. No need to push for ending at 36-38 win, it does not make any sense.


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The crazy part is that it is not too late. It will be pretty easy to get into that 6 to 8 range with a decent chance to jump into the top 4. The question is does our front office have the balls to finally do what is best for this team long term. My guess is no or it would have already been done.